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The Collection

Innovative and dynamic, the Rainforest Collection is constantly adapting, to both represent the ever-changing world of tropical plants and showcase newly discovered palm species.

Our award-winning Rainforest Collection specializes in the largest selection of rare and unique palm species found nowhere else. We have been recognized as having one of the finest and most diverse tropical palm collections in the world. Over the last several years we have introduced more palm species to cultivation than anyone else to meet the ever growing needs of botanical gardens, conservatories, private collections and research centers around the world!

Many species in our collection are considered highly endangered in their native habitat. Over the past several years, we have made widespread collecting expeditions to some of the most palm rich and botanically diverse areas of the world. In the Americas, we have traveled extensively to Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru. We have crossed the Pacific to visitthe island of Tahiti and have ventured multiple times to Thailand, including nearby Bali in Indonesia.

The island nation of Madagascar was the scene of two separate, month-long expeditions to visit several palm habitats to document never-before-photographed species and explore areas untouched by civilization. Recently, we explored the palm-haven that is the state of Sarawak in Borneo. It is one of the most isolated and palm rich areas in the world, seldom visited by botanists and collectors alike.

The Rainforest Collection is not limited to palm species, and spans numerous tropical plant families, including; cycads, crotons, aroids, heliconias, gingers and their relatives, tropical flowering trees and exotic vines and much more. Through the nursery, the Rainforest Collection exhibits in areas around South Florida via plant sales; either independently such as the renown Extravaganza and our Key West Plant sale, or by way of events promoted by plant societies and garden clubs.

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