About Searle Brothers Nursery

Located in Southwest Ranches, Florida, Searle Brothers Nursery has been a center for the collecting and growing of tropical plants for over thirty years. Founded in 1982, the family owned-and-operated nursery has expanded across its twenty acres to facilitate the best environment for both container and field-grown plant production. The nursery now includes six shade houses and multiple plant production mist houses.

The main compliment of container production takes place across several acres of ground cloth and under modern irrigation technology. The two main shade houses are an acre in size each, and house the majority of the nursery’s prime and most admired feature, it’s expansive tropical plant collection.

The collection spans numerous plant families, with a special and unique focus on the Palm family which inhabits the function and role of the allied entity, The Rainforest Collection. In addition to the rare and exotic, the nursery excels in the production of tried-‘n-true landscape material in varied sizes to fit the needs of landscapers, property maintenance companies and homeowners.

Along side the production of material, the nursery also designs and installs landscaping throughout South Florida, with award-winning results from the Florida Keys to West Palm Beach and beyond.

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